Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Shake & Wake!}

Getting To Know Him

As the saying goes...Be Careful What You Ask For!

Yesterday during my Daily Devotions & weekly studies,

My thoughts kept returning to the repeated outcry of my heart...

Dear LORD, Please Shake Us & Wake Us! 

(As a people, as a country, as professing-Christians)

Later on at around a quarter to 1, the LORD sent a 4.8 earthquake to our island.

The lesson I took from it, was that...He wanted me, to turn around & start...with me.

Because of it, I've since changed my current prayer to...

Dear LORD, Please Shake Thee & Wake Thee! :)

Thank You LORD for continuing to do a new work in me day by day.

Use me as You see it to be Your Will To Be Done.

Thank You for loving me & seeing me as a new & wonderful 'project in the works' (Your Works) each day.

Signed, Your Faithful Work In Progress

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